Couplr on iOS

The intelligent matchmaker app

Match your friends

Ever wanted to pair your friends together without them knowing? Couplr allows you to match your friends under titles like "Perfect match" and "Best friends"

Select two friends

...and press Submit to create a new match! Optionally, select a new match title by selecting the current match title at the top, or press Shuffle to refresh your matches.

See your matches

Check who you've been matched with on the profile page! Swipe left to see your recent matches and prepare to be amazed.

Matches are private

Worried people will find out about your matches? Don't worry — all your matches are done anonymously! No one will ever know the truth. Except you, of course.

View your network

See the latest matches around your social network by swiping right. See who your friends have been matching together. You won't be able to tell who's matching whom, but that's all part of the fun.

Your newsfeed

...constantly refreshes with the newest matches. Check it frequently to keep updated on your friends!

We need beta testers!

Help us out by downloading our free (beta) app! We're thrilled to be pushing out our first app, and would love to hear your feedback.

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